Gloria Tomaras - Real Estate Broker

Gloria Tomaras - Real Estate Broker

Office Phone: (630) 994-3200
Cell Phone: (630) 878-4407

There is an old adage that "experience matters" and it's never more true than in helping someone buy or sell a home.  I have worked with many buyers and sellers, each having their own needs, likes and dislikes.  With my background, I am able to "listen" to what people want and quickly identify what properties could best meet their needs.  This means that I am able to find a home that is just right for them, or sell their property, as quickly as possible.  This includes negotiating the best possible price and avoiding any pitfalls in the selling process.  When you make the biggest investment decision in your life, you should seek the best counsel possible.  You will get exactly that from me.  From start to finish, I will be by your side to ensure a smooth and stress free experience.


"Gloria is totally upfront.  We wanted straight talk, not a sales pitch.  When we asked her a tough question, she gave us a straight answer" - Gina and Mike Coglianese.

"When it comes to realtors-some are schooled, some are experienced, some are lucky.  You are all three.  This is why we have this one of a kind property at a fantastic price.  We are so grateful!"  - Mary & Tim Bialek.

"We want you to know how much you are appreciated your efforts in finding us a home.  In an amazing short time, you had us an overview of the different neighborhoods and investment opportunities.  We saw the full range, by the time the 'perfect house'  appeared, we were able to recognize what a deal it was"  - Jay & Amber Kensinger.

"Gloria, not only are you knowledgable, professional, courteous, you are also fun!  Thank you so much! - Denise & Rory Stroh.