Buying Tips

Contact a REALTOR

A GMC sales associate will be able to help you through the process of buying a home, starting with the mortgage right through to the closing. He or She will help you find the right property, as well as finding you the best rate through our preferred lenders.

Determine Your Price Range and Area(s) You are Interested in

If you are at this stage of the game of starting your home search you most likely know what you can afford to buy. Start with informing your agent as to what your monthly budget is. We then can figure out your loan amount and assist you to get pre-qualified . This will help you narrow down your home search. You should also start researching the neighborhood that you might want to live in to make sure it's a good fit. Your GMC agent can assist you through this process.

Decide Which Amenities and Features You Absolutely Need and Which Ones Would Be Nice but not Necessary

Essentially here is your wish list! How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Do you want a ranch or two story home? Can you deal with a fixer up home or do you need a new construction home? Are hardwood floors a must? Is an updated kitchen most important to you? Which features are you willing to give up if you find a otherwise perfect home? You get the idea the more detailed the better it is for us to serve your needs.

Start Your Search Right Now

Take advantage of the tools we have right here at Simply type in the criteria as well as the neighborhood that you are interested in. After you view the properties and you find homes that might be a fit, take a ride and see if you like the area and home, as you know sometimes homes are portrayed to be better then when you actually go and see them in person.

Time To Put Your Agent To Work

Remember your agent is a professional in his or her industry and we take our job serious. Your agent can add to the list of homes that you already have identified with advanced searches such as new on the market, price reductions and short sales. We also can help “trim the fat” so to speak, based on your criteria we can preview the list of homes that come up on the initial search and eliminate the homes that are outside of your personal criteria list to avoid wasting your time.

Time to hit the streets and preview some homes. Once the appointment is made and were previewing the property look at the home with a critical eye make sure that the floor plan works for you, are the amenities what you want? Is the home in the condition you can handle? Is this the home you can see yourself living in? don't worry we are there every step of the way to help you along.

Make an Offer

Once you have identified the home that you want to buy, your agent will sit with you to explain the process of writing up an offer and what to expect. Don't panic! Your agent will be familiar with the market values and will help you come to a fair price that gives your offer the best chance of being accepted. Now for the hard part! We try to encourage you not to become emotionally attached to the home for the simple reason that your offer may not be accepted for a number of reasons, so that is why it is important to have a back up home in mind. Please be prepared to negotiate through your agent with the sellers.

What To Expect Once Your Offer Has Been Accepted

After negotiations are done and both parties have reached an agreement of price and terms you'll be asked to submit an earnest money deposit most likely held by the listing office.

Typically after the date of acceptance there is usually a 5 to 7 day attorney review period in which your attorney can review modify or change the contract. At this time you will also have the property inspected by a professional to make sure there are no hidden defects.

If necessary, request repairs

Begin to start making arrangements for movers, storage and request a change of address

Contact all of your service providers such as phone, power, water, cable ect

Schedule a final walk through a few days before closing

Create a punch list of everything that needed to be done before closing make sure all docs are in and you have everything to bring to the closing table such as a cashier's check for the down payment and closing cost. To protect your interest. GMC Can appoint an attorney to assist your closing unless you already have one

At the closing table make sure all the closing docs are in order and the terms and conditions are correct

We cant stress this enough please read everything carefully before signing, you should have your attorney present for advice or consol throughout this whole process to ensure everything goes smoothly.