Selling Tips

Why Hire a Realtor??

We love this question because this is the easiest to answer! Do the research, look at all the studies, it is a proven fact that hiring a REALTOR to list and sell your home will generally get a better price and sell your home faster then if you were to sell yourself. Here is another reason why we think it is important to hire a real estate professional, and one of the most important reasons to point out. Having a REALTOR engaged in this transaction will help eliminate the emotional ties you have to your home, with this buffer you can make the right decisions based upon the professional opinion of your Realtor and his or her knowledge of current trends and market conditions.

Things To Do and Know Before Listing Your Home

Okay you did the right thing by hiring a realtor, time to put your home on the market and sell sell sell!! Wrong! Here are a few key steps that should be taken before you list your home:

First things first, try and picture yourself as a potential buyer and walk through your home. How does your home show? Are the walls in need of repairs? Do they look dirty from years of wear and tear?

Perhaps you may need to replace old worn out carpeting or hardwood flooring.

Get in the car and drive around the block as you approach your home notice the curb appeal of your home. Are the bushes trimmed? Grass cut and edged? Are there over grown weeds? Or if winter, is the driveway and sidewalks cleared of snow?

Notice the exterior of your home as you pull in the driveway is their siding missing? Is the paint faded or peeling? Remember first impressions have the biggest impact on the decision to buy from the potential client.

Keep your interior clean and smelling nice because you never know when a showing request may happen.

Rule of thumb if your not using it get it out of sight! this is mainly meant for furniture the less clutter you have the more open it feels.

Another big problem that most of us fall victim to is collecting junk through the years and throwing it in the basement or garage, well it may be time to have a garage sale and get rid of it and organize everything so potential buyers can focus on the space not the junk.

For all you pet lovers stay on top of the cleaning and elimination of odors and stains.

Here is a option that is becoming more and more popular hire a “pre-listing” inspector this way you can address any issues that may arise during a inspection in the event you have a contract for the purchase of your home.

Depending on circumstances you may want to consider hiring a professional stager.

With keeping these tips in mind it should greatly increase your chances of getting the showings and potential offers in the range of what you want.

Time To List Your Home

Once we are on the market you will start to have requests for showings, if possible it is best that you are not present to allow the potential buyers freedom to walk around and make comments without feeling like they are offending the owner.

It’s important to consider ALL offers and also trust the advise of your Realtor.

If time goes by without any offers or the showing requests slow down you may have to consider dropping your price.

Unfortunately these days are different then years past, it's a buyers market and it may take longer to sell your home but don’t be discouraged, it’s not you! Everyone is experiencing the same thing within time you will sell your home.

Lastly as I had mention earlier trust your agent, he or she wants to sell your home as much as you do. If potential buyers ask you questions or want to negotiate with you defer them to your agent, remember they are professionals and will know how to handle all questions and situations.